As part of the conference, you will have an opportunity to learn from and network with colleagues from nearly 900 schools, colleges, and universities from the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and eastern Canada.

If you’re interested in top-notch programs led by speakers representing the best of our districts and sponsors and exhibitors ready to share the most innovative tools of our trade, then this is the conference for you. As advancement professionals, we need to continue to be inventive, collaborative, and resourceful in order to meet the evolving needs of our diverse constituents. This conference will provide you with countless opportunities to get cutting-edge ideas and tried-and-true strategies that you can adapt to your institution’s needs.

In addition to delivering sessions and seminars on timely topics and tested tactics to compliment your work and enhance your career, the conference will offer you:

  • One conference fee for three robust days of programs and networking opportunities
  • Free wireless access in the Exhibit Hall
  • An exceptional hotel experience in the heart of Times Square, New York

No other conference held this year will convene so many of your peers for countless networking opportunities, and no other conference has dozens of timely and topical sessions that may assist your home institution’s advancement efforts.

Don’t miss out! Bookmark our website to stay abreast with the latest developments and the moment the dates with venue are finalized you can find the information here with links to register as well.

In the meanwhile, check out some of our latest posts below.

Being an Elliptical Salesman


“Hi! My name is… And I am an elliptical salesman.”

Sounds weird doesn’t it? Yup it did to me too the first time I heard my friend selling me  the idea of becoming one. I remember it was way back in 2013 when my friend first approached me with this idea of selling fitness equipment online, except we weren’t going to stock up on anything. Rather, we were just going to be the middlemen trying to entice customers to buy their products from specific websites. Yes, it is what you would call as affiliate marketing in today’s modern age. But, back then we did not have any particular name for it. Salesmen – it was the perfect term for what we did.

I notice so many folks today enter the realm of online marketing and internet entrepreneurship but fall rather quickly even before they have made their money. One primary reason for this is not the fact that they have entered a market that is now aging and can die any given day, no on the contrary this market is booming and will be for some time now. The real reason is because people do not see it as a sales job. They think they can walk in, make a website, pay someone advertising fee and marketing fee, sit back, prop their legs up on a table and watch as the money starts pouring in.

Let me break the ice for you. Internet marketing is a job that is akin to that of a salesman and if you aren’t good enough convincing people to trust you in the first few lines then better search for some other kind of job.

My adventure began with treadmills and somewhere down the road I switched over to elliptical. It wasn’t because I got better returns but because I was more attuned to selling them rather than the former. To me writing elliptical machine reviews was so much easier. I found I could write on many more things and get better returns. For instance, I could decide to give free advice on weight loss and cook up a couple of elliptical weight loss articles or maybe even try my hand at combining HIIT with elliptical. The fact is I found this particular product more robust and closer to my heart so I stuck with it.

One of the primary reasons why folks who enter the online realm falter is because they aren’t aware of how they can market their niche properly and it has got to do with the lack of overall consumer research. Yeh, sure you probably know just how many links or how powerful your links ought to be to rank on the first page but what about actually selling something to a reader who gets to your website? If you can handle that part then your chances of converting sales increases.

So, pick a niche you are super comfortable with and think of it as salesmanship rather than internet marketing.

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Rollercoaster Career Changes

Switching careers isn’t an easy task and it definitely isn’t for everyone. Nevertheless, a lot of people actually do go through the disruption of having to change careers. Finding out just how one’s existing skill set can apply in a new fulfilling way is actually not that difficult. What is difficult though is finding the courage to take the first few steps.
Let’s talk on some key features that allow you to change careers on the fly.

Communication Is A Must

No matter your career rethinking choice, the ability to communicate precisely and verbose is a must. Build on this if you find yourself stuck for words either on paper or verbal. Practice by watching speeches from the greats. Or maybe even join up a local Toastmasters Club – a place that has made many influential business leaders.

Be Decisive

Don’t rethink yourself too much. Until you have done the switch you can procrastinate as much as you wish but once you have made that change, stop being elusive. Be more direct with your decisions but never be too hasty. Agility and speed will give you a competitive edge allowing you to learn tricks of your new trade quicker.

Be An Innovator

The reason you switched careers in the first place is because you wanted more creative freedom or maybe you simply felt you could think better in your new job. Be that innovator you imagined yourself to be. Take the first steps towards thinking outside the box and your new boss, colleagues will immediately place you at a higher mantle.

Always Network

In any profession, networking is the key. Remember to always network and start early. Don’t wait till you have actually made the switch. Start before, much before. It makes the switch that much easier as you start feeling a part of the community.

Have The Courage

You have made the change, the hardest step is over. Now just keep the courage to go the distance. Brace yourself for the various hurdles that will come your way. It is inevitable but what you can control is how you measure up to impending adversities and what you learn from them.

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